Unofficially Fourth Year College

Posted on March 11, 2012, 05:53pm
Scheduled post at 05:53pm

Just a little update about what's going on. :) This month is really exhausting. I swear. We have a lot of things to do to present as partial requirements. One in Club and Resort, in Finance, and in Entrep. Phew. But still me and some of my classmates got time to eat and enjoy everyone's company.

Faye and Gladz

I got this two nice cellphone chains from Faye. :D

International Tour was resched on April 21- April 24, and I'm not yet paid. :P

Got my new collections too! :)

Ps. A vein in my finger popped. X/

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  1. nothing beats a feeling of success after all those hardships you've done! Hehehee! and the fun we have with our friends XD Yey!


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