Irene's Bulalo sa Kubo at Alangilan Batangas

Atlast! I guess we're done with Chapter 1-4 of our feasibility! I just hope that there's just few revisions.

What's my self-proclaimed food trip today is my favorite Filipino breakfast of all time, Tapsilog at Irene's Bulalo sa Kubo! :) It is one of the popular restaurant which caters lomi for student's budget, located beside Batangas State University Alangilan Campus.

Here's my food! Fried rice + fried egg + beef tapa. Unlike Jorjhane's, their tapa is super dry and toasted. My other chum told me that it is not like this before. They have the best dishes in town before.

I have tried their lomi too! But what I expect is not a blunt dish like this. -_-

I really can't help to compare this to Jorjhane's. Their soup got so much grease! And it really differs in color, but still, just have the same taste. But for me, who cuts cholesterol, I will not try to finish this dish.

After eating, we took some photos, it's me over there. Well, just try to guess which was me. ^_^

Taste - 3/5

Ambiance - 4/5

Service - 3/5

Price - 4/5

Overall Value - 3.5/5

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