JORJHANES; House of Special Bulalo

There's a lot to love about Batangas. My province is known for its sweet peanut delicacies and tasty noodles and soups. Have you heard about Balinsasayaw? Haven't tried that actually, but some says it's the best, will try it some other time.

So here's Jorjhanes, one of the popular bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew) houses here in Batangas. This one's in Lemery, but they have other branches at Bolbok and Balagtas.

Back of their menu, I love their logo, it resembles a cowboy saloon but instead of horse, it's a cow pictured on the menu.

So, every order has an inclusion of a free soup. Hmm! The soup is not that oily unlike other bulalo soups I've tasted.

I ordered Tapsilog (tapa or dried/cured beef, sinangag or fried rice and itlog or fried egg) cause it's dinner time already and it's one of my favorite!

As you can see, their Tapa is saucy. It was juicy but a bit salty, maybe because it perfectly fits to be a viand.

This was my fave part, outside the restaurant, the restaurant's name made out of stones different kinds of stones.

I must have tried their signature dish which are Bulalo and Lomi, but that cost too much for a poor student like me. Hehe. There's always a next time, right?


  1. nakakacurious ung Balinsasayaw... :D mmm, ganda ng ambiance!!! :)))) pinoy na pinoy! and for sure yummy ang bulalo nila! naaamoy ko hanggang dito.. nyahaha

  2. Wow! the place looks so good! and the food, so yummy! How I wish to have a bite : )

  3. Ay fave ko yang bulalo. Yun pala yung english nyan. Hehehe

  4. Balinsasayaw.. You mean the birds in Palawan? Famous for the Nido soup? Or meron pang ibang balinsasayaw? Hehe. Di ko sure. Ang sarap ng bulalo. Minsan ang sarap dumayo ng Batangas para lang makakain!

  5. @Joanne, yes ate :) about a thousand daw po ata yung soup na yun eh :O

  6. I like bulalo. ^^ Have you tried Pigar-pigar yet?

  7. @Kristen, nope dear, haven't heard about it, I need to explore more! :D


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