Baking; the least of my hobbies

Yes, this is what made me super busy this previous week. (Ok, I'll admit it, they always invite me to graduation parties -_- we always have get together and reunions, I so so love to eat, that's the main reason why I'm this busy hehe) Mom, bro and I were planning to put up a store which caters pizza, dinner rolls and chocolate crinkles, yes, those simple products which people will definitely love.

First off, we tried to bake pizza the first night, then followed by pan de sal supposedly, but turned into dinner rolls, then chocolate crinkles.

We still don't have the perfect recipes for these three but we enjoyed learning and discovering new things day by day.

I'm also glad to share that me and bro attended a free baking seminar at OCVAS Batangas last Wednesday.  I've met a lot of new friends and some of them were in the photo below. The guy  in black laboratory gown was Mr. Elvic (surname were forgotten :P), an instructor from BSU.

The seminar started with a little discussion about yeast breads and an introduction on what we're gonna do. They gave us some sheets of paper with recipes on it. First, we made pan de sal, then chocolate crinkles.

After lunch, we proceeded to fluffy ensaimada then chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting, the least of my fave cause chocolate knocked me down (sick of cocoa's bitterness), we used the cheapest brand which was unbranded actually. -_-

Yet the most important thing was Me and Bro learned a lot. :) Kudos to the conductors of the said seminar! This is how I wanna spend my vacation! ^_^


  1. Huwaw nice naman. Marunong ka na pa lang mag bake hehehe!

    *sabay hablot sa choco crinkles*

  2. Good job! I just think you should put the pizza toppings evenly. :)

    1. hehe. yes yes, this is just how we make fun with pizza :P

  3. Wow sis, I love pizzas, chocolate brownies with frostings, esp ung crinkles! :D sarap siguro nyan, tataba ako hehehe.

  4. not bad for a first timer! the crinkles looks yummy.



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