Graduation Rehearsal and Photoshoot

Friday, we had our graduation rehearsal at our uni gym which lasted for about four hours straight. So we just had lunch at the nearest McDonalds cause we'll be heading back to school and wait for our graduation gown and cap to be released.

Warning; there'll be a photo spam in this post. And the bloated girl in no-vest-uniform was definitely me, no confusions. -_-

After lunch, Me and Reren doing something weird face here. I'm not even moving a bit -_-

With our photographer, Ate Tin. ^_^

Didn't you just love my super duper mega ultra braided hair here? All honestly, I made it myself! ;) Without even looking at them in the mirror by means. I'm no pro, but I did great. LOLOL.

And that's the reason why it swags like this, matted and messy.

Then after a three-hour lunch (too many random weirdness happened that took us too much time), we went back for our unfinished business.

Oh yeah! Had our graduation photos and gown in no time!

We tried our gowns out with no one around. Okay, the following photos were very vain, and actually had my second thought of not posting them. Really.

Ate Tin and Me, with our uniform and gown. I still have my flush-y braided hair.

Reren's turn!

Tenenenen! This will be my last time wearing my precious magic uniform. I don't wear vest and that's the most comfortable way to tog this clothes.

Watch Missing You in ABS-CBN to see where our university got our uniform idea. What a shame!

For the last photo, I don’t have an identity crisis back then, its just like, I’m not that feminine by chances. LOL. Photo at the left was taken nine years ago when I graduated from elementary. It's okay to ROFL and LYAO -_-

~ The End ~


  1. I can't get over how pretty you are, and your grad photo turned out LITERALLY THE BEST!!!! O___O I would be pulling the worst pokerface in mine but now I have an idea of how to smile, thanks. xD LOLOLOL, your friend is too cute too. And that braid is just SWAG

  2. Wow. Congrats ate! :D
    And your uniforms! Haha. Para kayong nagcocosplay. =))

  3. u looks matured on the right side of last picture. and yet looks so young in ur school uniform. :D congratulation, when is ur graduation?

  4. UB? :) My cousin just graduated from there as well. Congrats! Ooh, and I love your SWAG braid! ;)

  5. Such cute photos! Graduation is pretty fun and exciting. Best wishes for your future encounters!


  6. Aww, congrats! You are so pretty and you did an amazing job on your braid. Your hair is sooo shiny!

  7. nice post .. and captured pictures .. and congrats for graduating from school ..

    thanks din for visiting and sa pag comment sa blog ko :)

    just followed you .. *wink*

  8. congrats..

    done watching missing you:)

  9. Ang cute naman ng graduation pics nyo Divine este Myx (kase naman di ko alam kahit first name mo lol) XD

    At uu nga anoh, kahawig nga ng uniform nila sa korean drama na Missing You ung skul uniform nyo jan. Lalo na ung sa skirt hahaha :)

    Congrats again!

  10. Nice; congratulations on your graduation.

  11. Congratulations! The tutorial on the nail design u liked is already posted on my blog :D


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