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After trying out the newly opened Japanese restaurant at our place, we decided to have another international dinner with my cousins who live four hours drive away from home. Mehehe.

My family is a huge fan of Korean stuff and everything, and I know that we all have the same taste when it comes to spicy food, we're suckers of 'em.

So firstly, shamelessly speaking, this was our first time trying out Chef's Noodle's menu. We don't have this in our place and it is very rare eating on Korean restaurants. We cook our own most of the time. Read full post of my Bibimbap recipe here. But trying this one is a different thing.

I'm confuse where will I place this photo of lemon ice tea since it is the first thing they serve in a restaurant but it is the last thing we consume. Well, I think I'll just place it here. Hehe.

Here are the sushi sauce the bibim sauce which are available on every single table. Never mind the toothpicks. Hihi.

I had myself a serving of Chicken Bibimbap (top) and sissy had the original Beef Bibimbap (bottom) for herself. Both cost Php99 with a serving of a glass of ice tea of your choice (either lemon or strawberry).

Lloyd, my cousin, had their best seller Chef's Noodle (which obviously bore the name of the restaurant) in a hot pot and just look how hot the beef broth was. It is literally boiling and we did enjoyed eyeing on it as the bubbles fade off and cools down a bit. Too bad it doesn't look appetizing on photos but it actually was.

My other cousin, Darlene, opted to have a non-spicy dish because she doesn't want to mess with her diet. She ordered for a serving of Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet) which cost Php130 per serving.

For side dishes, since they do not have free side dishes like the ones in Brothers and Sisters Restaurant (Read full story about Brothers and Sisters Korean Restaurant here.), we agreed to have a serving of Kimchi Kimbap (Php95).

Another dish we tried was this cold spicy noodles named after Bibim Noodles (Php130). It was extremely spicy and has a hint of sweetness and me, sister and my uncle enjoyed it!

Unmixed (left) and mixed (right).

And just like the other restaurants we tried, I never had a chance to snap some good quality photos of the environment for this post. T_T

Next time, if I'll have a chance and another next time, I will really try their Starking Fire Sushi. They say that it is the star of the menu and I will never afford to miss that dish ever again. Like ever.

Here's us after pigging Chef's Noodle's healthy food out! Mehehe. Didn't you just noticed that they have a very affordable and delectable dishes? Love love love.

Visit their page here:
Chef's Noodle Ph's Facebook Page
Chef's Noodle Website


  1. I love the boiling broth! Perfect for me right now, I'm so hungry! Ahaha.

  2. is this a korean dishes?? what is the appetizer or the desert.. by the craving with those pictures


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