esKWELAhan Planner: Two Zero One Four

I told you I'm addicted and I'll be posting another one next week, so stay tuned!

So I have here tonight a super student/college-friendly planner from EsKWELAhanPlanner that I purchased last last week (I think). It is a sleek 6 x 8 inches planner with orange hardbound cover and a lock made of garter. Yes, yes, I am inlove with the semi-doodle cover! So cute!

Their features include:

- Monthly Pages with:
a. Monthly Calendar
b. Goal of the Month

c. Theme of the Month
d. Upcoming Movies
e. Discount Coupons/ Special Feature Coupons

f. Additional Notes Page

- Weekly Pages with:
a. Notes section
b. Day of Something Feature
c. 2014 Holidays
d. Trivia, witty lines, pickup lines & fun activities

e. Share-your-happiest-moments-this-month section
f. Anong-mas-magpapasmile-sayo section
g. question of the week section

h. Christmas countdown

Every student (and students-at-heart) will definitely enjoy using this cool planner the whole year round.

Anyways, I bought one for my dearest BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) student sister.

Visit their Facebook page at


  1. Oh, I like that too! I'm a student at heart! HAHA. But I currently have the BDJ planner and it's also nice. That planner you have can be a great gift to my sister too :)

  2. Oh, what are you gonna do with all your planners?! This is soooooo cuteeee! ^_^ Where were planners like these when I was in college? Not fair! lol.

  3. So cute. I'd love to have one myself. But I'm guessing it's too late for buying new planners now. :D Maybe next year.

  4. january po ba or june nagsastart yung planners nila?


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