Feature: Rubber Loom Bracelets

Hello everyone! I do appreciate the comments you left on my previous post. Thanks again! I wish I could write my replies here so you could see, but if ever you're still interested, you can visit my previous posts.

Anyways, I have just shown my baked goodies and I guess I need to pause for a while. Breaking the ice, sister bought a loom band kit and she's now enjoying making loom bracelets. I think she's selling these bracelets to her classmates but I don't actually see anything special about them, they're just made of colorful rubber bands (preferable smaller than sanrio bands which I use to tie on my hair) using a hook and a board.

To my curiosity, I tried making one. I never thought that it really took too much time but the step is just the same thing that repeats over and over again. They're just knotted bands but I enjoyed making them. ^_^ It is not the product that counts for me, but it is the process.

What do you think about my color combination? My sister has a limited selection of colors but I think I grabbed the best ones. Hihi. It is called "Triple Fish Tail".

Loom kits and bands are available at Toy R Us or Toy Kingdom stores. You can also check http://rainbowloom.com.ph/store-locator/ for store locations.

Have you tried making loom bracelets? ;)


  1. Cute bracelets!! And very nice colors too! ;)

  2. heeyyy i just made my own loom bracelets too 2 days ago though i bought mine at a nearby market because it's much cheaperr and anyways i can make naman loon bands with the use of fork haha. i made a hexafish and fishtail design ;) yours are lovely :3

  3. love the color combo :) i'm from batangas din pala! :)

  4. aww these are such cute color combos!! My little cousin actually recently showed me these bracelets and I thought it was the most creative thing ever from a little kid!!

  5. Hi dear, I nominated you for the
    Sunshine Blog Award
    here is the link to my post:

    Ms. Kei

  6. My sister is also into making loom bands. Your creations are really lovely. Love your blog

    -Tootsie Jean

  7. My baby brother and sister love making this c:


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