Homemade Treats To Beat Summer Heat!

I am browsing my blogger friends’ blogs when I thought of writing something tonight before I finally hit the sack. Though I can really feel how my eyes drop like a dynamite, I wanted to finish what I started.

I am no bookworm and I don't have bucks to treat myself or my friend a ticket to the cinema. Oh, I forgot, we don't have tickets in here now, blame Tap to Pay swiping system. Most of my family members just stayed at home this Holy Week. And it is really hot nowadays and all we just need today is a cup of cold water or anything that freezes.

Good thing Mom found some taro crops at the backyard and cooked and grated them. Since she just consumed 3/4 part of it from making Ube-Halaya, she asked me to make homemade ice cream for the family. I never tried to negate her command. ^_^

Apologizing if I couldn't share that ice cream recipe here, it's a family recipe. Thanks!

Just showing you guys how messy I work in our kitchen when I enjoy the thing I do.

Here's the finished product and I am very proud that I made 3 (three) small loaf pans out of three cups of grated boiled ube (taro).

I know, I know. That ice cream can be eaten alone, but why not add a twist?

The day after making that purple good-looking ice cream, I've made some choux pastry (Click here for my Homemade Cream Puff recipe.). Pinoys were known to fill a bun with ice cream and from that, I got the idea that cream puffs can be best paired with this cold dessert. OHA!

Next time, I will try making custard ice cream so it will best fit those puffs. :)

How about you guys? Have you created refreshing treats for your family this summer season too?


  1. I haven't! Haha. But I'm loving your homemade ice cream and cream puffs. Yummy!! :)

  2. I love purple, but I am not so much a fan of ube. As much as possible I want chocolate-flavored everything. Lol. But your ice cream pastry sandwich looks yummy and yeah, just about perfect for this summer heat. :)

    1. Thanks Ate N. :D everybody loves chocolate and im a fan too :D

  3. Sarap naman :))

    Sana lang talaga matikman namin yan noh XD

  4. OMG! It looks delicious. I want s'more. hehe

  5. wow this is really perfect this summer! and very simple gawen para sa katulad ko na hinde marunng magluto ng kahit ano haha. and that ube ice cream looks so delish sayang you cant share the recipe :(. you just made me want to buy some icecream ugh :DD


  6. helo ladymyx! It's super super hot here too and it helps to stock up on any cold food we can eat especially if there's a brownout. Do you have any recipe for a cold avocado snack? We have lots here and I don't know what to do with them.

    1. Hi Ate! :D thanks for dropping! :D what a coincidence! Mom just made some avocado shake for dinner tonight, we make avocado ice cream too, I could blog some recipe for that perhaps :D

  7. Very mouth watering! This inspired me make ice cream again. And those cream puffs with stuffed ice cream looks so yummy

    -Tootsie Jean


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