Brother John's Coffee, Bauan Batangas (CLOSED)

I do not know if this post will still give justice to the establishment and the food, but I think, as long as the hub is existing, it is still okay to post even a very very late review. Tehee!

The pictures used in this post was actually taken last March 7, 2015, yes, six months ago already. The time when a lot of cafes started popping out like mushrooms within Batangas City, and until now, there still are.

Matcha Green Tea

All honestly, I have already forgotten which frappes did we had. The brown one below doesn't mean anything to me (a Java Chip maybe). The green one on the left, that, I will never forget, for I've been hoarding for that flavor for ages now. A refreshing cup of Matcha Green Tea, if I am not mistaken.

Tiramisu Cake

Brother John's Coffee get their sweets from one of the popular cake shop in Batangas City, basically, Ann's Home. The coffee shop is smart enough to be tied up with the best selling cakes in the vicinity. And maybe one of the reasons why we headed over the cafe that time too. I've heard that they have sandwiches and pasta now too, hmm, maybe that's something I consider for a comeback.

Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake

I personally like their interior simply because it is very decent and simple.

Since Sister and I just had a glimpse of what the cafe can offer, perhaps it is time to visit again. After six long months, a lot has changed already maybe. And it is never too late for them yet to sell their name.

Visit their FB Page here: Brother John's Coffee Cafe

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  1. Omg the tiramisu looks so huge, fluffy and dense I am starting to for one right now. hahaha


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