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Hallo everyone!

Well yeah, its another month again, and actually, very late of the month already for an introductory greeting. Hihi. No need to apologize, you might say. Cause I am just been blabbering the same old story once in every while. Nothing to blame but myself. Right!

What actually happened to Myx the past months? Been very quiet huh? Nope! I'm active on IG! Yes. The only social network media I operate for myself (need to highlight for myself because I am still managing company's accounts).

Let's begin with March maybe? Well, some things are pretty better left unsaid, right? Haha. Yes, simply because I don't want to tell things. Hmm, not really much last March though. Just been busy with the English pre-group I am supporting, that's all.

April, then this one is a pretty busy month. Was announced as a Regular Pioneer and I got no time for other secular things anymore, including blogging. I've been busy going out to the ministry, and it was the start of the pretty life I have right now. Hashtag, best life ever! Ayeah!

May, June, typical busy months for me. Ministry, work, house, that's pretty all.

July to August, well, these are ones of my favorite months of the year. A lot of time together, preaching together, eating out together, traveling a lot together, and movie dates together!

Heart heart!

And actually, I just got well from a week of very high fever and muscle cramps, good thing, I survived. I was suspected with Dengue fever by my doctor but my parents refrained to admit me in the hospital. My platelet count dropped to 89,000 (with the average of 150-200,000 platelets for normal count). I already have two referral letters, one in Batangas hospitals and the other one is for Manila (I personally would want to be admitted in Manila). This fever lasted for four long days, and that week was sooooo bad. But now, I am very thankful that I have my Mom, Tatay, siblings, bestfriend, boyfriend and friends who helped me and prayed for my fast recovery. Though still can't do stuffs I do before, at least I'm well now.

So maybe, that's it again for today. See yah around fellas!


  1. You and your boyfriend look so cute in the photo and I am happy that you are well now. Dengue is no joke. A few of my friends and relatives died because of it.

  2. wow hun! glad you have covered from the fever! i know work is a priority but health is much more important of all so make sure you take more care of it okay hun? and good luck with whatever you're doing later~~
    and last of all i hope you and your boyfriend get along well :) ily!


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