Bo's Coffee, Nuciti Batangas

Hi girls and gals! I'm back again! Yes, why not! I got time now to write a bit for this blog.

So it's the nearest cafe in our office and we once had our lunch out meeting here with my colleagues. The cafe opened few months ago (brain is getting rusty now) and found out that my college friends are working here.

What I like about this shop is that they got arrays of meals to choose from. For those who love breakfast meals even late in the evening, you can have those here.

Too bad for me cause I like their sandwich but they're too hard (I can't enjoy hard foods since I started having my dental braces). So it may be too hard for me, but for you, it's just crunchy.

Garden Salad Sandwich

I need to put dashes of Parmesan on their pasta simply because they're bland, and good thing it wasn't just me who noticed that. Hmm, that's good way not to surprise the customers with a very kidney-wrecking dish, maybe. Hihi. I'm just kidding.

Spanish Sardines Pasta
Tuna Sandwich

Freedom Wall

Pancake plate and Matcha Freeze
Three Egg and cheddar and Matcha Freeze

Overall, I still enjoyed their food. It's just my situation that didn't permitted me to. But I enjoyed it, but... Argh! No buts!

I'll definitely try other food they offer, hmm, maybe some other time again. They got not so affordable dished so I guess I need to save for that. Haha.

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