Sounds Like Giving Up (in a good way)

To be honest, I cannot remember when was the last time I did a revamp on my blog. My version 3.0 style is now left behind other blog template designs. I should really have an update with the layout before the new year jump in.

I think I am the least better (complimenting oneself by not using harsh words, haha) graphic designer in the whole wide world ever. So in a month, I am giving my career up. Yes, read it right, I'll be leaving my job. For me to spend more time for the most important things, I need to adjust everything, especially the time I have for my job and the strength I use for it. I don't say that I'm having difficulties with it, but I am just getting too occupied because of that.

But the sense of "giving up" thing is just about office works and so. Of course I will still use the skills I have to earn a bit more. And that, I can do offline, and online.

I also looked for other job that will fit my needs. It doesn't have to be very time consuming and it is better if I will just stay at home.

When I started learning to be a virtual assistant for a blogger I know, it is not a tight job actually. But I don't like it for the reason of spending time doing nothing around the web. Plus, I wasn't paid. I think I did it as a charity (and I think I didn't even help, hihi).

To set the past (I mean the job and so) aside, I am now working on my application for English teacher. Though honestly I know I am not that good, most especially in speaking, why not try it out? I will not spend a single penny anyways. And for that, here are tons of English teaching sample videos rolling up in my browser. HooHOOO! Yeah! But still, I ended up listening to DUTCH VLOGS (TheKelvlog). Hahaha. But he speaks pretty fast and funny. Just can't tell him "Kan u alstublieft langzamer praten?(Still nothing beats my baby when he reads and speaks with his native tongue, sounds a lovely lullaby for me!)  And until now, for a year (almost!), G sound still sounds very good to my ear (CRAZY ME! JA!). En ik vind het leuk! Weehee!

Boom! HTC just launched their newest phone HTC One A9, which really looks like iPhone 6 in the appearance (look at the back babies!). But I know which's better. *wink*

I'll be going now. Talk again soon! Bye!

*While writing this article, I am still listening to the the vlog of Kelvin. Haha


  1. Hey Myx, ;p

    1st of all: I like your blog and your style.

    Now, when you say, you're not that good in Eng and my opinion you're to harsh on yourself.
    Your Eng is really good. If you look back on when you started blogging and now...your Eng has improved a lot...and back then it was already good.
    I also happen to have that tremendous privilege of having real life communication with you in English. And seriously, it's amazing how good you master the language with 0 accent. Although it's very funny when you imitate the pinoyd accent.

    And about the teaching skills? Due to your Mi-weeks training coupled with the service, you have very good teaching skills as well. You underestimate yourself. Which shows one of your amazing qualities - Humbleness - something a lot of people lack these days. But still (and this blog is prove) you know what you want, and where you want to go.

    I am ... WE are, confidante that you'll do a perfect job in your new job like you still do in your current one. Still got 2 weeks to go hehe.

    May the Most High bless all of your efforts babe.

    Your BIGGEST fan ;)

  2. i agree with all the things your biggest fan said! ;P


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