Johanna's Grille, Batangas

It's been 9 months. Woah, time flies real quick. This time, we are celebrating our "monthsary" in Batangas, unlike the past months, when I went to Europe, we ate out somewhere with snow. It is just too bad that most of the time, it is my hard days within the month. Well actually, not most of the time, I mean, always (girls' problem).

I just finished the day with a friend doing ministering in the harbor. Then I walked half an hour to reach my destination. We already talked about where to dine before the special day came so we headed our way to try the most heard and promising Baby Back Ribs of Johanna's Grille.

We first had our drinks which is in a tower, good for roughly 7-8 persons. Then came the appetizers, both rolls.

Shrimp Rolls & Shanghai Rolls

For everyone's information, I was born and cursed to be friendly with shrimps and it includes of not touching them, otherwise I will experience difficulty in breathing and itches. (In short, I have shrimp allergy.) For that reason, I can't personally tell how good it is.

Medium size Baby Back Rib

Oh, I now remember, it is my second time tasting the ribs but it was my very first time eating it on the restaurant itself. Before, we had a meeting inside the office and it is what we had for lunch. I even gave some of the part of my rib to my brother to have him taste it. And it is really good. Too bad that I cannot eat the bone for I think, it is still so tasty until the marrow.

Oh yaz!

Johanna's Platter

The star among all of the food we had was their Platter. It comes with a serving of very small cut of fries (which we thought that the fries will be in large cuts as seen in the picture we found on the net), buttered corn, Hungarian Sausage and the baby back rib.

Sizzling Bulalo

Supposedly, we will have my sister's graduation celebration at Johanna's but we opt to have it at Yellow Cab for some 18" pizza. You can READ IT MORE HERE. :)

We did enjoyed the food (deserves a come back) and the place (before they turned the TV on). The place wasn't totally packed and there were still a lot of vacant seats, people just come, eat, and go. And because we had a very nice time chatting and laughing together, we spent four (4) long hours there. And, I like it.

Way to go Johanna! :D


  1. OMG everything looks delicious!

  2. That Platter definitely have everything I'd ever wanted!!! Suddenly I miss eating baby back ribs. Ugh. Must resist.

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

    1. not bad for once :D They have the meat-off-the-bone baby back. :D

  3. This seriously made me hungry so I'm about to go downstairs to the kitchen haha ;)

    1. i apologize for the trouble this post caused you. :P Thanks for dropping anyways! :D


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