Myx Travels; Tingloy, Batangas Part II

If you've been an avid reader of this blog of mine (well, that's impossible, I guess, LOL.), you have probably read the post I made about Tingloy, Batangas last year. (You can read my post here, in case you are interested.) I've been in Maricaban last time but now, we visited the other side of the island. My best friend has a friend living there and we got an accommodation for free.

GJF, Ninay & Myx

I can't remember if it was a quick trip or not but it was nearly an hour drive by boat from Mabini, Batangas until the island of Tingloy. This time, we only had two (2) days and two (2) nights stay.

At the pier of Tingloy, we still rode a tricycle that brought us to the place where there was a wide field of maize (or I actually do not know what is planted there, maybe, rice.).

An additional of one hour was added on our travel time. It was a scorching March sun that led us to the cottages.

Yes, it was super hot but the calmness of the place, the smooth splashes of the waves and the little tiny chirps of the things which chirp brought us to a paradise.

I was not upset this time. The place is nice and it is quiet. Also, it is our monthsary celebration and I have nothing to complain about, like everything's perfect (but yeah, nothing's perfect). It is just so nice to spend time with the one you love and you care about.

There is still a lot more to see, and a lot more to explore. The only thing lacking is the time for there is also a lot of things to do. I hope things will be better soon, things will be on their own perspective.

Aja girlash! Doie!


  1. Saya!!! Now I wanna hit the beach again!!! :)


    1. we have long vacations now. :D And Batangas is the Beach Capital of the Philippines, they said. :D Tara!

  2. thanks for sharing photos..nice place....hindi pa ako nakapunta diyan..ang ganda mo pala..


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