Keeping Up With A Planary: Planner, Journal, Diary

I haven't written for a while now.

Yes, there are a lot of things going on. I miss blog hopping and watching Youtube vlogs and videos, which I did before when I was still a nostalgic free bee without anything to do. Now, everything should come in place. Well, it is better to be busy on something than to be busy on nothing. What?

Anyways, I've been having a planner/journal/diary at the moment to keep track on things I need to do, I did and what I am doing. They somehow call it as a bullet planner (which I learned from one of my favorite blogger; Coffee Shots and Random Ramblings). Visit her Ingstagram account at @blackshirt13 and see her calligraphy and bullet journal updates. The idea is so nice, I like it, but I am not as organize as others are, so I intended to keep mine as simple as it is, just a planner/journal/diary or pla-na-ry. That sounds nice. Maybe.

So I got my planary from an online shop called Clover Crafts PH, I found them on Shopee and made my purchase right after holiday. I got my orders in a span of a week and a half. I should've did a refund, others said, but that's okay. Though it was late of the month already, I still found a very good use of the first few pages of the planary.

My planner is from Light Planner. I got it for a very affordable deal of Php130. There were also a vintage journal and a post it on my purchase, so that counted for a privilege of having the free shipping.

And now that I have a planner for myself, it is time to make plans and execute them. I hope everything will be in perspective. I pray.
GJ and I will be working on something productive the next days, but still, we will have visitors and I am so excited about it. :D

The wedding we attended was nice. The fridge magnets and cookies (souvenirs) were made by yours truly. And I find that the cookies were so cute. So, I am planning of having sugar cookies on my stash for La Belle Vie. Please follow our Instagram account. Thanks a bunch!

How about you guys? What keeps you busy the past month? What changes have you been doing for the year 2017?

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