BonChon Bibimfries: One of My Favorite Potato Fast Food Dishes

Hello lovelies! How was your week? Me, I'm better, been to bed rest again for couple of days after GJ's parents' visit. But anyhow, the time we spent together was awesome, makes me sad of them leaving and missing them again so much. I am happy that they were able to get a chance to bond with my parents and to see how things are going here.

Well anyways, since life is going good lately, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite potato dish on fast food restaurants recently. Yep, this will be a short post for now. Don't worry, there'll be more soon, not promising, but trying.

I love fries! Most specially those thick cut ones like what they have in The Netherlands. They were so good that I can have them every meal of the day. But I did stopped calling it French Fries, cause they ain't French, nor Dutch, they're actually Belgian. I don't know how they came along with French not Belgian, but what's important now is that they're good. Good, good, and good. Now, you're craving for some now right? And you know what's peculiar too? Dutch don't do their fries with ketchup. Yes, no. It is mayonnaise. And they don't use regular mayo, it is spiced with curry plus raw chopped onions. Hey that's my die for snack. And for us Filipinos, we eat fries with both, ketchup mixed with mayo, cause we know we can have both. Haha.

Lovely serving!

Last time, we had Korean dishes for dinner. And still, it is something that I can't get enough of. Kimchi just tastes so unique and it gets along well with everything I fry. GJ, who likes eating at BonChon made me try their fries, with Kimchi! It might not be new from their menu but it was the very first time that I tried it. Why didn't I see this before?

Hey close up!

Fries complement with chicken skin and ranch dressing, and of course, sauteed kimchi! I think the serving size is good for two. Or maybe one, if you feel like it is your day to treat yourself with a Korean-style fries.

So yes! This might not be as healthy as it should be, but it is always nice to give in to cravings sometimes.

Have you tried Bibimfries before? Did you like it?


  1. Ohhh looking at these pics is making me so hungry, hun! Looks absolutely delicious! I too love fries, something very satisfying about them even though they're far from healthy! I am glad I'm not the only one who likes fries with mayo... :) Most people go for tomato sauce, but I think mayo works so much better (or both!). xoxo


    1. So true. But if you're just gonna blanch it, then it will never be as good as fried. :P

  2. Oh wow! Bonchon has that on menu? Is it spicy? (because of the kimchi XD) if not, will try it soon! AHAHAHAHA!!! I love fries as well specially with lots of cheese. I didn't want it with ketchup anymore XD

    -xian |

  3. Bibimfries? Would absolutely love to try it!

  4. Looks very delicious! I missed the way fries were cooked there. I can't wait to go home and try that. haha!

  5. I haven't tried these but definitely will the next time I go to Bon Chon!
    The only other time I have tried legit Korean food is when I celebrated my birthday last month at KPub Trinoma and bibimbap.

    xo, Gillan /

  6. This is so tempting.
    I am going to try this soon.



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