One of The Few: Pho Viet - Mjca's Bistro in Alangilan, Batangas City

Chào! It is so nice to have rest again. After a very busy week doing so many stuffs that have been already forgotten, here's now the blissful weekend to be relaxed and eased off.

Before the week end, we were able to try these Vietnamese food that we are craving for, like almost a year or half. This cuisine is reach in flavor (than my native one) and surely something you'll long from time to time. I had a taste of Vietnamese Pho when we went on a road trip to Manila last 2015. Late lunch it was and we can't decide where to eat. Finally, after roaming around the endless trail of Mall of Asia (one of the largest malls in the world), we found a Vietnamese Restaurant and had our meal there. They served me a big bowl of that noodle soup and after that, I never moved on. I fell in love with the dish. That is generally how my one sided love started.

So then, it is really nice to know that there are few places within our vicinity that cater Vietnamese dishes. One of them is Mjca's Bistro in Alangilan Batangas. Though it is just within our reach, it was never that easy to make plans of going there. But yes, this post is a mere evidence that we did it!

Fresh green lettuce and bean sprout

This time, it was a late lunch again. It is not because we do not want to enter a crowded room to have lunch but it was just coincidence which happened to be a good thing. Orders came very fast and we were prioritized.

The noodle soup itself is good already but these complements enhanced its taste and texture even more. When the plate of greens arrived, I was a bit disappointed since I knew that it should have some Thai basil and lime. These two common garnishes of Pho makes it stand out above any other noodle dishes.

Hanh Dam (Vietnamese Vinegared Onions)

Good to know that the cook himself was Vietnamese and it will prove the dish legit. However, it is still different when you are in the original country for you can tell the authenticity.

Chili cause or simply Sriracha

On the other side, I fancied how these cuts of raw onion became pink. Then I came to realize that the ones used here were the red onions. If you will soak it into vinegar for a long time, it will turn as such.

Viet Nem

Before taking one, we made sure first if there were no shrimp in the mixture otherwise I will go home like a bubble wrap, full of itchy bumps and swollen. The staff assured me that it is done with only pork meat. I love how the fried spring rolls taste and I am eager to learn how to do that at home. Yes, something I can try to make at home.

Here comes the main plate. I mean, bowl. A heap serving of hot Vietnamese noodle soup. A mistake was made when I put a lot of chili paste on my bowl and it became very spicy.

We had a very good time and we enjoyed the food. It is something to have again next time, though not sooner. I hope they will do something about the flies cause they are everywhere. There is another restaurant in the city that serves Pho, but the one of my city's version. It was good too. I think I'll blog about that too next time.

Mjcas Bistro's Facebook Page

*Photos were taken with my HTC One M8

Is Vietnamese dish enticing for you?


  1. Honestly speaking, I've never tried Vietnamese. I love foreign foods though, and this one looks really enticing! I'm craving for some spring rolls na tuloy.

    Anyway, good to know that the staffs are very competent. What I hate the most is wasting time waiting for food.

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. Spring rolls are so good, but cant eat them with the shrimp, and thats too bad for me,
      anyhow, it is still good to replace it with crab sticks :D

      Really, a good thing that we were the only ones eating. :D We we're prioritized :)

  2. I just had my first Vietnamese food experience today and it was wonderful!
    Pho noodles are just made straight from heaven. I can't wait to taste another one! :9


    1. I am happy that you enjoyed your noodles. Well, yes, they're sent from heaven! :D

  3. I have never had Vietnamese food before, I don't think it's easily accessible where I live, which is why it was so fun to read about it! Just looking at your lovely photos made me so hungry, haha! :) Thanks for sharing, beauty. <3 xoxo


  4. Replies
    1. Oh yes, their Cafe Da is soo good! I've tried it once, and then somebody gave me a coffee strainer to make them. :D


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