Galleria Taal Camera Museum, Taal Batangas + Announcement!

I haven’t had lunch, it was twelve noon. And that day, I don’t want to be too disappointed. July 18, 2017, was our second anniversary, and I was in a house of a couple friend waiting for GJ and the others to arrive.

After quite some time, they’re there. Immediately after fetching us up, we proceeded. The location was initially my idea, I found this place online when I looked for some things to do in Taal, Batangas. I proposed it to GJ and told that maybe, we can do some photo walk and pay a visit to Galleria Taal.

We were a group of ten, which I didn’t agree with GJ. I want this day to be a simple intimate date for the two of us, (me, him and a chaperone). But he assured me that I'll enjoy the trip. Well, let's see, I told myself.

Galleria Taal Camera Museum

Galleria Taal was an ancestral house but then turned into a museum by Mr. Manny Immunerable, whose in line with repairing and restoring cameras. It is easily accessible most especially if you will bring a car. It is in the center of the city where you can have the Taal Church (Caysasay Shrine), Taal Public Market and the City Hall.

Though it was raining, nothing stop our group from having this trip. It was exciting actually. It will be my very first time visiting a camera museum. I am in-love with photography since I was in high school. I even joined competitions where I won the sixth place among other 300 students from all around our city. It was fun to see how things look like behind the lens. I remember, that moment, I ran out of time and just had a toy camera with me for the competition. There I realized that the outcome of the photo doesn’t really matter what kind of camera you are using, but the skills and heart you have for photography.

The place was small but just enough to have these awesome cameras to be displayed. They were old and functioning cameras, that truly amazed us. We were able to try some of them.

Together with nine other photography enthusiasts/photographers, we took the liberty to roam around the place and execute GJ's plan.

Nikon FA Gold

The star of our tour was surprisingly not this Gold plated camera of Nikon. Nope. Though it is really one of a kind, our attention focused on this 70's camera right here, located at the center upon entering the gallery door.

Old camera that take pictures in 15 minutes

Without me knowing, it will be one of the best days of my life. Behind the old camera was GJ, holding the ring that will symbolize the word that will change our lives. With his knee bent on the floor, I heard him asked, "Will you marry me?". I was struck for a moment until I was able to utter the word "YES!".

So now you have a hint! The announcement included in this post is "We are now engaged!"

It was nice visiting a museum like this. My last museum visit was when GJ, my sister and me went to the National Museum in Manila just because we like to. Next time, we would like to visit other museum in the heritage city of Taal.

Visit Galleria Taal's Facebook Page here.
Fee: Php100 for adult
Php 50 for students (with valid school ID)


  1. I love your story. Thank you for visiting my museum. I hope to meet you both one day.

  2. Ahhh, how amazing! Congratulations on your engagement <3


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