My First Blog Event: Step Up With Kicks by SM Shoes & Bags!

I've never been to a blogger event. And all I thought was, I'll never be into one due to my hectic schedule. Besides, my humble blog is just a nobody in this cyber space.

That is what I thought of until I was invited to attend an event in Laguna last July 16. I was hesitant at first, but then after telling GJ about it, I was convinced. Pretty much because he told me that it can be a nice practice for his photography thingy. Hoho.

Here are two of the featured designs from the first Step Up With Kicks event in Manila. With the theme "Step Up With Kicks", bloggers and contest participants are asked to design their own Kicks shoes with the materials they opt to use, can be marker, paint, beads, etc. We had Sharpie markers along with other freebies included in the stash.

My company arrived a little bit before four in the afternoon and the event itself started early. I headed over the event area and set forth.

Yes that's me after a long hour of travel (Haggardness!)

Though I had a little bit of a doodler's block (like writer's block when someone can't think of what to write), my sister gave me an awesome idea.

Can you see how focused I am? I was just thinking about nothing, anyways. Hihi

Look! I was now able to draw a draft of the design I want! (Did you know that you can do this too? Check at the end of the post to know how.)

Trace trace trace

After, I started to trace the outline until I'm satisfied. Then I colored it with the black Sharpie marker to make it more of a chromatic feel.

Half is nearly done

Since it was my very first time doing a blog event, I am not that comfortable yet with what is happening around. Some bloggers talk with each other while me, I am just with my own thing, doodle-ing.

Me with Rubie of

And I was so happy to know that a fellow blogger from my city was able to come. It was Rubie of Finally, I heard myself talk to others aside from my ever supportive fiancé slash photographer slash PA slash fan (and everything in between).

Anna Mil Quiñonez, one of the five contestants

We all have the freedom to decorate our own pair of shoes and for Anna, she likes to express herself through the beauty of God's creation and nature. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Other bloggers showcasing their finished DIY Kicks pairs

I am so keen on the details of my work and I really want to finish it, so the product initially looked like this, a one night binge with the skyline.

Theme: City Skyline

The event lasted for few hours and I think I finished mine in two. How do you like my drawing? Do you think you can also make one for yourself? If you do, you can purchase white Kicks from SM Department Store and doodle your heart out. These white sneakers cost Php500. I know you can do better! Purchase your plain white Kicks and start stepping up by expressing yourself on your pair of shoes! It was a therapy and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you SM Shoes and Bags and SM City Calamba for having me!

Special thanks to GJF for all the photos included in this post. Follow his Instagram at @guido_Jeffrey.


  1. The sneakers look amazing given the price tag! Your photos are also lovely and sharp. :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Thank you for the compliment! All photos are taken by my fiance :)

  2. Your trainers look amazing! I would love to try that! It would be a great idea for a birthday party too

    1. It can be a nice workshop, or just a small get together doing your own shoe design, yeah that can be so cool! :D

  3. Your design looks amazing and cute! I bet it's fun making DIY shoe designs! Hehe :)

    Patricia | The Modern Day Doll

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was fun! Just that, before I started, I do not know what to draw.
      It's difficult to think of a design once you're at the event. And, knowing that you have a time limit, uggh, that sucks.

  4. well done for an awesome event! congratulations on your first! hope you have many more and will wait for your future events :)

  5. I like your design. It's simple and clean. :) Congrats on your first event! Hoping for more opportunities for you and your blog. Keep it up! ;)

  6. I have never been to a blogging event myself but this is so interesting..would love to attend one!
    Your design looks awesome :)

  7. I totally love these types of shoes!!!! I wear them all the time and have so many colors and prints but your designs are the best I have seen!!! Absolutely adorable!!! You have a great talent!! Shell

  8. Sorry for my question if this may sound dumb, but... are sharpies waterproof? Hahaha. I really wanted to try this.

    Anyway, congratulations on your first blog event. :)


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