Liquid Nitrogen Experience at Pop Cafe by Kettle Korn, SM Fairview

I can't remember exactly though, but I know it was already a long time ago (like 2 months) when we tried having something which is played around with Science. It is a hit for quite some time now.

Who wouldn't want to try an ice cream made in instant with the use of liquid nitrogen? Or a popcorn that smokes like so? Aren't we all gonna say that we want to try them out?

I am not a fan of having something extraordinaire just because I am curious. It should always have a guarantee that this specific thing will not harm or damage my health, and my being, like those kinds of stuff I know that wouldn't hurt, the natural ice cream made out of rose petals that I tried in Paris or the charcoal bun for burgers in Malaysia.

Anyways, as this craze of liquid nitrogen used on food becomes a hit, I intriguingly want to check it myself. We had our very first try from Pop Cafe by Kettle Korn which is located at SM City Fairview. It's quite a drive from our place, but yeah, we were there for a convention and we are happy we stopped by.

Poprocks - Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Espresso

Pop Cafe uses edible liquid nitrogen for their offerings. Isn't it fun to look while he refills the canister with that icy hot nitrogen?

Getting some of that nitrogen for our orders

We had their frozen yogurt first. Mine was Cookie Butter while GJ had the Mocha Chip. They were as good as frozen yogurt but thinking that it was made frozen by the nitrogen, that psychologically made it extra special.

NitroFroyoPop in Cookie Butter

Nitroglazed Matcha Green Tea Popcorn, NitroFroyoPop in Mocha Chip and Cookie Butter

I haven't finished my cup yet, I asked for another cup of treat, my all time favorite, Matcha Green Tea flavor. This time, we were able to capture and enjoy fully the smoky fun factor it has. Next time I'll be there, I'll have it again. The cooling effect of the nitrogen makes those freshly popped whole grain popcorn more exciting to eat.

Nitrogen Glazed Green Tea Popcorn

For those Green Tea lovers like me, I highly recommend this one!

Isn't it inviting?

Overall, it was a nice experience. Liquid nitrogen is new to us, but it is really fun! Aside from nitrogen infused treats, they also have the normal flavored popcorn in packs. Hey, who wouldn't like to have popcorn?

Have you tried having yogurts with liquid nitrogen? If haven't, are you in on trying one?

Special thanks to GJF for all the photos included in this post. Follow his Instagram at @guido_Jeffrey.


  1. This is totally cool, I'm not quite sure the popcorn is nitrogen?

  2. I think I'm gonna try my fave, frozen yogurt 🍦 I hope this cafe will also have their branch in Bulacan so I can visit.

    1. I think the one in Fairview is the only branch they have, though I am not that sure.
      But there are so many cafes and hubs now offering nitrogen treats. I am happy I found one in Lipa, so that means, it is so close to us! :D

  3. Very interesting hahahah hope mkatikim ako nian hehe


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