Tengoku Ramen House at Cuenca, Batangas

The past week was a roller coaster weather (rain, thunderstorm, rain), at least that's what we've experienced in Southern Luzon. And that being said, it is always nice to treat oneself a bowl of hot and flavorful ramen.

If you live within the area of Lipa or Cuenca, you've probably have heard about this Ramen House in the vicinity. It also keep on flashing through my feed on Facebook, perfect timing to post one on my blog. Hihi.

On our engagement, you'll probably remember that we visited an ancestral camera gallery in Taal, Batangas. After the event, we found ourselves heading to this hidden Japanese gem for our early dinner.

The place was spacious enough to accommodate a full house van of nine persons and even more. It is called Tengoku Ramen House.

Japanese cuisine is always way too much. Maybe not in serving but I know you'll agree if I say, it's a gem for a gem! But this time, it is not the case. For a serving of maki, it only costs Php129. Eight pieces for that price was actually a steal! The order wasn't mine, but foreign taste buds approved that it does taste good!

California Maki

Don't judge me, I am not a fan of sashimi. Though I always find it enticing, I know that it will always be something weird for me. We first asked for a salmon sashimi but they ran out of fish meat, perfect timing when we arrived. Huhu. The tuna sashimi (Php229) wasn't bad, but still not the one I'll eat over and over. I don't know how to tell a fresh tuna meat, but I think this one is fair enough being eatable. The tuna has it's very raw feeling and a bit soggy when bitten. Every time I take a bite, I needed to tie myself to the chair because I will do weird body movements and my heads will shake continuously. Good thing I don't need to eat it alone. And according to my fiance's foreign tongue, this dish deserves a thumbs up. Yey! Another approved dish!

Tuna Sashimi
The time has come for the most awaited dishes! Here now goes their ramen. Perfect for rainy days, or not even, are their hot ramen noodle soup.

I might scramble the names (with the photo) but these are what we ordered.

Super Beef Ramen
Super Chicken Ramen
Super Tonkotsu Ramen

What's the difference between the servings? There's a specific taste that appeared to be very recognizable on the other plate than the other, and that makes every bowl unique.

I am a fan of noodle soup and not being biased, this ramen house is now listed on my must visit restaurants. If you are on a tight budget, they even have affordable meals. Though we tend to associate cost with quality and our perception of the food's taste, their servings are exceptional. And it is more expensive going to Japan! Duh! Haha.

This last photo is something me and my fiance loved. May not be in Lipa branch, but it is in Cuenca. Can't say more, but we like it!

All we had were satisfying. And as I am typing this post, I made myself crave for one. Next time, we will try to check on their other ramen flavors, and the rolls, ugh, we shouldn't miss.

Are you also a fan of Ramen? When did you had your last bowl?

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