Koibito's World of Gelato, Lipa

Being a big sucker of ice cream, it is always the best thing to have when I'm craving and they're just elsewhere. I can even run to the nearest 7 Eleven stop to have a soft served. And then, there's gelato. I had the first gelato of my life from Aria Gelato in Boracay when we had our Pioneer School last year in September.

Speaking of gelatos, I was tagged along by my best friend Truce of http://www.trucefullyyours.com/ last October to Koibito's World of Gelato, a month old gelato hub somewhere in Lipa. It was half an hour drive, but still, I know that it will be all worth the travel.

We arrived pretty early that day and learned that they start their operation at noon. So then, we walked a little to have something for an early lunch. And we decided to go back and it is still early so we stayed outside a little longer. It was not even 12 noon but they already let us in.

Truce and I finally delved into their gelato selection. They have a wide array of flavors which are rich in taste, truly striking to the palate. Taste now, pick later. It personally appealed to me since I can have the luxury of trying out every single flavor they have on their chiller.

Gelato doesn't melt that fast, unlike a regular ice cream. It is creamier, thicker and most of all, better since it has less fat. And the texture, so consistently smooth though topped and mixed with fruits or nuts.

After quite some time, I finally decided which to take. Everything actually tastes good. But the three that stood out the most were Nutty Strawberry, Pistachio and Cremino (chocolate with hazelnut cream).

Bubble Gum, Nutty Strawberry, Cremino and Pistachio

Koibito's creates different flavors of gelato and may be switched regularly. We were even able to witness how they made their new flavors of products inside their lab through a glass window. I was a bit sad not being able to try one of my favorites, Cookie Butter, one reason to go back for another wave of flavor tasting.

Aside from their gelato, Koibito's World of Gelato also offers dessert wonders like cookie sandwiches and gelato lollies.

I would like to thank Truce for the invite and the treat. She was so generous for giving me a gift voucher. It was a nice visit, and we were able to talk a bit with Mr. Monsale, the owner of the store. With his kind words, we were convinced even more to go back and try different gelato flavors.

Koibito's World of Gelato
Ground Level High 5 Square, Ayala Highway Lipa, Batangas 4217
Hours: 10:00am to 9:00pm


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