What's Hot and What's Not; Wedding Preparations

You might still recall that I and GJ got engaged few months back at Galleria Taal Camera Museum. After that, we became very busy with our clients instead of our own wedding preparation. It's okay, it will still be next year, we thought. But then, all of a sudden, four months have passed. We decided to really start preparing.

When will the wedding be?

That is always the question of everyone. Though we really want to spill out a date, it's just, there is no specific date yet. Ugh! So my dilemma now is, why can't just people wait before we finally release a "save the date" card? Anyways.

Do you have a dream wedding?

We are planning to make it as simple as it can be. There will be a hundred peeps and it will just be a simple meal that we will be sharing with the family and some close friends. Initially, we would like to have the ceremony in our place of worship, followed by a decent meal in a nice reception proper. But we are not closing our doors to ideas of having a garden wedding or even having a having a civil one. Maybe that can cut the cost and also lessen the stress and so.

What will be your gown design?

About the bride's gown, I am still skeptical. Though I've finally decided of what color will I wear (white of course), I am not quite sure if it'll be exactly the one I saw from the internet or I will add a little touch of my fashion mode. Well, I do not trust my likings so, we will see.

Though these kinds of stuff are not the primary concern I should be focusing on, they are not twisting my brain that much, so I like thinking about them. Hihi. Til then!


  1. A simple wedding is always the best. I wanted to be married in the hall too, but with so many visitors and having a tiny KH, we decided to have a garden-like wedding in a resort. MY dad (who is not a witness) had invited so many people and we have to take it into consideration too. Oh well, just enjoy the moment girl! It's once in a lifetime. It's stressful but definitely a memorable time. And oh, we only had less than 4 months to prepare on our wedding. Haha. Congrats again!

    1. Hihi. Thanks Ate Marionette. Although we still have like half a year before the target date, GJ needs to leave for Holland for 3 months, leaving us only two and a half months preparation. Wooh. So everything will be as fast as flash for the papers not to be voided.

  2. Hunnie we need to talk about this! I wanted to go to your wedding so much!

  3. Have you started with the documentary requirements yet? Quite a bit of paperwork needed, especially for the Marriage License. Since your fiance is a foreigner, he will have to procure a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials. But anyway, details. It's all gonna be worth all that effort, right? ^_^ Congratulations again on your engagement!


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