Authentic Taiwanese Noodle Soup & Dumplings at Bolo, Bauan Batangas

The past days, I've been feeding myself up with noodles. From stir-fried, boiled and sauteed, it feels like I will never get tired of them.

So then, in this post, I am going to share with you guys one of my newly discovered noodle hub. There is this house which turned into a small restaurant in our province that serves authentic Taiwanese noodles. Paired with that is their authentic dumplings. Let's talk about it then.

Every time GJ and some friends visit the restaurant, it is always open. Those are times that I did not go with them or, I am somewhere else. There came a time that I was with them, excited, because we will try to have some bowl. For several occasions, the Taiwanese man wasn't there, or the house was close, or worse, they ran out of noodles already. It feels like it is not really meant for me. Huhu.

Finally, after my nth attempt (can't remember how many times I tried already), I was able to have their noodle soup! Just imagine how happy I am that I finished the whole big bowl. The serving is very generous and the price is very affordable. This heaping bowl of noodle soup only costs Php50 with egg (optional) and the plain one is only Php45.

It is amazing, right? Noodles were homemade and everything else is just awesome. You can taste in every angle of tanginess, sweetness, and saltiness. The last time I had Taiwanese noodles is when GJ and I had our dinner at SM City Fairview in December last year and it cost us more like Php300 for two bowls.

Our friends keep on coming back for a bowl, sometimes, bringing their own container for takeouts.

Each dumpling costs Php5 only. Though they're quite similar to wonton (Chinese dumpling) in appearance, it is soft and packed with the assorted goodness of juicy and plump pork and vegetables.

My love for noodles is just starting, and I know I'll fall in love even more in upcoming days. Hihi.

This Taiwanese Noodle Soup house is just around Bolo Elementary school in Bauan. You can ask the locals about it and they're always ready to help.

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  1. I wish we had a noodle hub where I lived because I would be a frequent visitor. I prefer stir fried the best but they all look so good.


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