Mary Laine's Cafe Balagtas, Batangas

I might not have that much time to spend but then I thought of using those small time wisely, sitting in my favorite spot, writing about food and cafes.

With that intro, please expect a short review of this place which is located in Balagtas, Batangas (which is clearly stated in my title, hihi).

It was a rainy afternoon when my sister and I decided to try this cafe. It so happened that it was my first time, though the store is existing for a year or so already. Anyways, the place is cozy and if cute and indie look tickles your fancy, it has some touch of those.

Red Velvet Frappe was first served. One of our friends loves it so much though I find that it tastes just like a typical frappe. The red velvet flavor is recognizable yet I think I am into a more special drink. You can give it a go, it's reasonable and I like it too. Hihi.

Our second beverage was this lemon cucumber juice. It is always nice to have a lemony drink since it eliminates fat and wash off your sated tongue.

Cucumber Lemonade

For the appetizer, we had a generous serving of this beefy and cheesy french fries, a mandatory order of me in any cafe I go. You may notice that with a lot of my blog posts. There is a dedicated space in my tummy for these golden fried heavenly goodness.

Beef & Cheese Fries

Though I was diagnosed with high blood cholesterol, that does not stop me. I am guilty. I should really not dive into fried kinds of stuff, but hey, they're just the dish that makes me giggle for.
Anyways, Mary Laine's Cafe's fries was okay. I was able to finish it and my chums were there to the rescue, or they're the one finished it, I don't know. It was filling.

Chicken Ala eh

The main dish came to be the chicken named after the locally used term, Ala eh. People in Batangas always say Ala Eh and it is how you can tell if a person is from the Southern part of Luzon. The dish is simply a Chicken Ala King (bite-sized chicken meat with coco milk and mushroom, well at least that how I know how to cook it). It was served in a lettuce bowl, just enough for a student service meal, and that is what the cafe is mostly catering. It was a good plate with a little portion of steamed corn and carrots on the side.

Banana Split

Lastly, Banana Split was for dessert. As you can see in the picture, it is a whole banana with a heaping serving of different flavors of ice cream. I find it more as a filling dessert. It was good. Ice cream is good, as always.

The visit we had was okay. Food was good. But I am still thinking twice if I will go back. I just did not like the way the staff assisted us. I am very keen on customer service since I worked alongside with it for two years, and for me, it is very necessary when having direct contact with customers. Please smile at least when expediting those who eat at your cafe, and oh, don't frown as if the customer is the reason why you're having a bad day. The end.


  1. Thank you so much Maam for visiting us. Your feedback regarding our staff will be noted po.

  2. Oh wow, the food looks so good. You took great photos of them. I would totally order the cheesy beef fries.


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