First Month Celebration at Rai Rai Ken SM Batangas

Hello my lovely readers! Yes! It has been a month since we tied the knot. And for that, we deserve a little celebration!

Since it was also declared as the International Sushi Day, June 18, why not join the fun have some Japanese treats!

I am not ashamed of being a cheapskate. If there is something that will help me save some money, I will grab it. But then, it still depends on the situation. If something is cheap and I won't be needing it, even in the future, nope, I am not interested in buying it.

Let's take this day as an example. As mentioned in the title, it was our first month as husband and wife. Doesn't it deserve a dinner date? I think so too! And we were so happy that the branch in our city was included in the promo!

Me and my husband love food. Japanese cuisine is one of the top picks from our list because of their diverse cuisine. I also remember the other Japanese restaurant that closed a few weeks back, Jinzai, they offer affordable single serving meals with authenticity touch on it. It is just too bad that they left.

Rai Rai Ken has been my favorite restaurant that offers this cuisine within the area. I have been patronaging their meals since 2014! You can read one of my post here -> And they have been standing on their feet for four years now. Congrats Rai Rai Ken!

Crunchy Roll

California Maki

For the sushi discount, here were the only item available in their stash. The California Maki (Php65) for five pieces and the Crunchy Roll (Php75) for 5 pieces. Though they lack of tobiko, we just let it go since we can't do anything about it.

Buta Don - Php199

Gyudon - Php199

We also had rice meals as our main dishes. My Buta Don versus my husband's Gyudon was way better compared to savory. Though it was also acceptable as per GJ.

To sum it up, it was a nice dinner and I am looking forward to visiting them again. Last time, I had their Super California Maki, and that was so far the best from their list.

There is also another Japanese restaurant to open up next month. It is exciting to know that lots and lots of varieties of cuisine infiltrate the city. That is really something that makes me happy. Hihi.

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