What's With Myx' Life Lately?

As I've mentioned from my old post, I would like to make a post or posts about our wedding. But that was when I was not married yet. That is very easy to say. But I never thought that it would be difficult to comply.

Preserved part of wedding bouquet

Well, the wedding proper went so well, not mentioning all the erroneous pieces of stuff happened, from the flowers and all that followed. But that never ruined our day. It was as pleasant as I dreamt of it to be although the stress finally got us out.

At the end of the day, we were happy because we even had a free upgrade from the hotel that we booked as a gift after the wedding day. It is like a little honeymoon. Although we weren't really able to spend all the day at the hotel, it is still nice having tranquility for two nights.

I have missed blogging, telling about my personal life. It has been long since I did this.

So please just let me rant randomly. That won't hurt even a little right?

New life, new house, and a new bed!
Now, I am living with my husband in his apartment. It was a nice one. The first week, we became busy with the bed search. And finally after few days of looking, we found one and it was delivered fast. We now have a bed! And that is just as awesome as having a new...bed. Haha. It took time though before we finally had it assembled. The single bed my husband had when he was still single, obviously, is not sold yet. There is a very minimal inquiry with that bed, which I posted on Facebook marketplace. I also tried posting it on OLX, as my friend recommended me to do so. Let's see how long will it take before it's finally out of our room.

Working freelance.
We also now have an office inside our small bedroom. GJ managed to make space for two new identical desks. I am now just waiting for the students to ring me in so I can start teaching. It is a prayer I've been asking since then. I also tried applying in different companies, so if in case there's no chance in the other, I have at least an option from another. We also looked at Upwork, one of the most suggested applications for freelance workers. We will see if we can get something out of it too. These freelance jobs do not really earn that much though, but it is nice that there's a lot you can do for a job.

I have now a family of my own.
It is an exciting journey living with your best friend. Everyday is something to look forward to, most especially that I am in an interracial family. I am not really conscious about that. Being aware of the needs and the expectations of other help me in this regard. Plus, he is a very loving husband and he is someone I really feel comfortable with. I love this small family I call my own. Me, my husband, and all the bears I have. Hihi.

So I think that's it for now. See you on my next post! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hi Myx, I am one of your reader. :) I hope you can also create a blog on how was the process of the documents if you are going to marry a Dutch. Hehe I will also get married this year and my fiancé will only stay in the PH for 1 month so I am a little bit worried about the process. Thank you!! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my posts. We are actually planning of writing about the preparations for the wedding, including paperworks but unfortunately, we can't find time yet to do so.

      But please feel free to visit my other blog: http://dutchpinay.blogspot.com/ for other related posts (legal capacity, birth certificate, etc).


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