Handy Motorcycle Tips For Women

More and more women are hitting the streets on two wheels and the reasons are obvious. It is more economical to own a bike, fuel consumption is far lower and cheaper than a car, ease of parking, to avoid getting stuck in traffic congestions and the list can go on.

If you are new to motorbiking and are shopping for a motorcycle, it would help if you can test drive a number of bikes to find the one that feels right for you. Trade shows are great places to check models out in person. You can also get good advice from other women riders through online forums and Groups on social media. You will learn a lot from these online Groups and forums. Besides getting hands-on biking tips, you’ll learn where to shop for affordable motorcycle gears like XXS motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves and more.

Once you decide on a brand, see if you can rent a bike, or go to a dealer event where they bring the complete demo fleet to test ride. It is also recommended that you consider buying a used bike of the model you like. You may find that as your skills grow, your desire for a different bike will change.

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Protect the yourself
– this is the number one rule when you hit the road on your machine. Riders should always wear helmets, as they reduce the risk of death by 39 percent, according to published research. Other gear should include ankle boots, gloves, heavy duty jeans and ladies motorcycle jacket.

Never ride tired. And I mean NEVER! This tip goes not only for bikers but for every driver that hits the road in their vehicle. Every rider knows their tolerance. And we all seem to like to push it. Set your rule. Stop. Stretch. Refresh yourself and your brain. Pull over at rest areas and take a power nap if you are sleepy to recharge your batteries.

Be wary of trucks. Large trucks cause wind turbulence and other drivers have trouble seeing a motorcycle around a large vehicle.

Whether you’re a motorcycle novice or have been riding bikes for decades, it’s critical to always wear your leathers and helmet. Wearing motorcycle jacket and helmet is just as important as wearing the properly fitting helmet, gloves, and motorcycle boots. Before you mount your ride, leather up in one of the premium motorcycle jackets and cheap motorcycle helmets offered at Bike Bandit. From leather and mesh to textile, they offer superior motorcycle jackets for men and women. Choose from a wide variety of brands and styles, including adventure jackets, city jackets, cruiser jackets, sports bike jackets and more. Ride safe and reach your destination safely!

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