High Tea at La Cantina, Lemmer, The Netherlands

Winter time is always the best time to have high tea with family and friends. It is when the breezy blow of the wind still lingers in your skin. You want to stay indoor and have some chitchats with them while having bits of pieces of sweets and everything.

Now you may wonder, "Where is a good place to do that?"

Don't worry! I got you covered!

If you are somewhere around Lemmer, a small town located in the northern part of The Netherlands, this place is perfect for your small or large group of friends.

This was my very first high tea in a restaurant since we love to simple do it at home, then, I do not actually know what to expect.

I was with my beautiful in-laws and it was a girls date! Finally, a date with all the girls in my second family. The weather seemed not to associate with us but we're happy we were served with hot soup, bread and butter. It was already filling, though we haven't really started yet.

After a few, options of teas in jars came and we were served with pots of hot water, which they constantly change after some minutes or so, ensuring that we will have a hot cup of freshly strained tea.

Finally, a 3 tier pastry package arrived, starting with desserts, some good mango pudding and a cocktail mix they call advocaat (which is often called Dutch eggnog), a creamy custard pudding with a hint of brandy on it.

The next layer was consist of all the good stuff of sweets and pastries. You'll find apple pie, French macarons, chocolate brownies, a very pleasant light lemon cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake (if I am not mistaken, hehe).

Last but not least was a variation of bite-sized sandwiches and a bowl of their signature chocolate bonbons.

We had an enjoyable time at La Cantina. We had a constant change of how water for our tea, and they've provided excellent service though we had some few concerns with regards to gluten and lactose.

I appreciate the helpfulness of the people working there, the good food they've served us and also, the place itself where you can just simply feel at home.

If you want to learn more about La Cantina, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lacantinalemmer/ (in Dutch).

PS. I am a BIG FAN of high teas. hihi

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