JapaNalo at Shinsen Sushi Bar and Restaurant, Pasig City

A long rainy weekend without ramen isn't complete! Right? So here's a quick Japanese ramen and noodle fix we had in Pasig last Sunday. Thanks to our cousins for recommending Shinsen Sushi Bar and Restaurant​.

It was actually surprising to know that the restaurant is owned by a Filipino and their staffs are Japanese-trained. Who would have thought that there's no Japanese blood running around the place? It feels so authentic.

Since it was just around the corner of my relative's house, the location was never a problem. It was just one ride away. So there we went, headed to the restaurant and kept ourselves warm with their noodle offerings.

GJ had to try their dry noodles so he opted for the Yakiudon. It was as tasteful as it sounds like, believe me. He enjoyed his meal.

My cousin, on the other hand, had one of their maki. They're all so inviting, do they? And they're heavy, these maki's for a one-man meal!

At the end of the meal, we appreciated the nice ambiance (with Tagalog translated to Japanese songs), good service, lovely staffs (you can hear them say thanks to their coworkers) and also yummy food! A person who has been to Japan can tell that they have legit food. I am not talking about myself since I haven't set foot there yet. My husband and cousins visited Japan a few years back.

We have not tried that much so there's another reason to go back.

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