Wintry Appreciation at Intratuin Emmeloord

It has always been cold. Since the beginning, until now. It has always been like this. Chilling, frosty, wintry. What other words can describe it? I couldn't find any. Since day 1, I have always been in The Netherlands in wintertime, and this is my third. In a total of four years, I have been leaving the country and chasing winter. *sigh*

But I finally came to a realization that it has been very kind and loving to me. This season, the only season when I come and go. Since I needed a lot of warmth, my family is always there to make me feel so cozy. And it was a very fine Friday morning when my mom-in-law asked me if I would like to go with her to buy some plants. And since greenery is one of my favorite hints in life, I went. She brought me to this specific garden center and we started to roam around. I've been lurking on it since we arrived, it was always on our way whenever we go somewhere. Finally, I set foot on it.

I was fascinated by the different kinds of plants, indoor or outdoor and was amazed to gaze on those pretty little bulbs of varieties of their national symbol, tulips. There are not that many facts about it that I know, despite craving to see it for the last 4 years. Yet from stories, they actually originated from central Asia, then in Turkey, then now, in the vast farms of The Netherlands. I might inform myself a little bit more about this so I have something to tell.

So upon on the way to this green shop, Mom and I started chatting, catching up with our lives since we do not actually see each other that often. Talking about history, experiences, or just anything with her is always so enjoyable.

As I roam around alone, I discovered the extent of the size of the shop but there are still details to see. Minutes have passed and she invited me to have something to eat or drink (they have a decent size cafe inside). How can I say no? I saw a big round chocolate chip cookie and it just made me weak. Paired with a cold glass of strawberry smoothie, I decided that it'll be all for my lunch. I was satisfied.

After that, our stories continued and it's like it's never-ending. I don't like to reach the evening. May the time just stand still was my secret wish.

But time is the only thing that's unstoppable. We've come to the furthest part of the trip. The next thing was riding the car and going home. It was such a pity cause I always thirst for moments like this. And since it will be the last chance that day, I wandered my eyes around to keep the sight as a memory in my mind and the experience I had, a recollection of the things I would like to occur again.

You might want to visit this place if in case you are around. Aside from the plants (real and artificial), decorations, barbecue essentials and animal needs, they also have organic food in their stash. Oh yeah, they also do workshops.

You can find details on their website:
Just make sure to translate it in English for it is in Dutch.

Special mention to this kind of grass I found inside the shop. It is called makahiya (shameplant) with a scientific name of Mimosa pudica. It is a common plant that grows in everyone's backyard in The Philippines. So surprising to see them here. If ever I will feel super homesick, I will buy one for sure.

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  1. My late mom would love this shop because she loves gardening. And to make it even more fun, they even have cafes inside? oh my..


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