Modern Toilet Restaurant at Ximending Night Market, Taipei Taiwan

Another thing that thrilled us while in Taipei (aside from their traditional breakfast which you can read here: is the very popular toilet restaurant in the vicinity of a night market. We first heard about it from a friend who lives in The Netherlands but lived in Taiwan as well. She did mention to us that it is fun and an array of meals are also served. Since we have all the time we need, why not try it right?

In the midst of Taipei's night market, you just need to look up to see their iconic logo, a big toilet bowl stuck in a building. Then, you'll know you're there. It's nice since it is very easy to locate.

We were so ecstatic at the time because we find it so cool and unique. Well, if you feel like throwing up when seeing something that resembles your p**p, I am so sorry. This post contains images that show just that.

We ordered several meals even though we do not feel that hungry. (But we still finished all of 'em! Haha!) We started off with soup. I did not have a photo but it was a mushroom soup in a small round bowl.

Mozarella Sticks NT$160

To excite our palate, we had these generous mozzarella sticks for our appetizer. Laying in a bed of shredded cabbage, it was I think the most decent dish we had from all the others. Although it was served in an Asian squat toilet, it did not hit us like a crappy and yucky plate.

Chicken Cheese Steak NT$280

For the main, GJ got a serving of their Chicken Cheese Steak. It was surprisingly savory and the serving is generous as well. It was served with a mashed poop-tato in the side and some breaded fries and tomato ketchup. The sandwich itself was good but the mashed potato did not appeal to me because GJ's mom makes the best potato puree I've ever tasted. I have a very high standard now. Like 3 stars of Michelin. Haha. Kidding aside, it was still worth a try.

Soda NT$130

Soda was served in a urinal which made it super funny. GJ just enjoyed sipping there after having a bite of the sandwich.

Swirly Poop Ice Cream NT$100

Our dessert is composed of two different kinds. First is this plain chocolate soft ice in an asian squat toilet. It was okay. I am not a fan of chocolate ice cream so I really cannot give a critique on that. The second one was a shaved ice bowl topped with fresh mangoes, mango ice cream, and some rainbow sprinkles. It was too sweet for me and the mango they've used is an apple mango which I am not fond of. That's the variety we can get in The Netherlands and it's so expensive. Inside, it's so firm but there's a lot of hair. It doesn't taste like the real mango as well. My mango standard is the one we can get here in The Philippines, they say that it's the best variant ever. (I'm so spoiled with good mangos in my homeland. Hihi)

Urine Clots Mango Snow Shaving NT$250

Overall, it was a funny experience. Everything is IG worthy though. The food was not that disappointing, the price is. They charge a bit on their food that it became a luxury visiting there.

Anyhow, if you want to visit the Modern Toilet Restaurant, I suggest you bring your friends and family with you. You will certainly enjoy taking a lot of photos.

2f, No. 7號, Lane 50, Xining South Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

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