Hawker Chan: A Michelin-Starred Restaurant on its Cheapest!

Trying out different restaurants runs through my veins, but this one is actually one in my bucket list. Since I finished Restaurant Management in college, I am always attracted to finesse and elegantly made food. This calls on the French pastries, they have awesome cakes and bread, the Italian cuisine, makes me think of how they etiquette-ly try to spin those pasta in their forks just to shoot inside their mouths. Anyways, what am I saying was, it is my dream to eat in a Micheline star restaurant. It is not always every day that we get this fancy, but I was so blessed to have one inside the airport of Taiwan in Taichung.

I first heard of this restaurant name from a blogger few years back. I was actually wondering if I could have the chance to go to Manila (a few hours drive from home) to try it. And aside from the star that it has on its name, the restaurant was also branded as the cheapest one with this prestige status. Shocking right?

So when I first saw it, I was like, "This is the one!". I ordered this soy chicken meal with soup and greens on both sides. A perfect complete meal before departing the beautiful island of Taiwan.

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (249NTW/8USD)

Rice isn't as typical as the one we have at home. They have a very nice bubble texture and a little bit starchy. I love how the grains are bigger than normal. I think it's Jasmine rice.

The chicken was so tender that no wonder it gained a good status in the food industry. I know that the one in Singapore is the one who got a star, but, is there actually a difference? They all look the same to me (as I look at the photos from other posts).

Chicken skin is not really my favorite part, but in this case, the chicken won't be complete without it. I don't know why but it added that extra smoothness and flavor to the chicken itself. Well, I think they're really meant to be eaten together.

It was fun to see soy eggs in Taiwan as well. They were ordinary hard-boiled eggs dipped or soaked in soy mixture overnight. But that marinate already gave a huge difference, it was savory to eat.

I did not have any regrets trying the chicken of Hawker Chan. It was impressive that they can obtain such an award in the industry but not asking too much from the consumers.

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