Organizing a Bridal Shower on A Budget

Let's be honest, we do not have all of the money in the world to prepare the perfect shower. But that doesn't really matter. What's important is, the bride's friends are there, they are all having fun, and the bride appreciates all of your efforts.

But if you are planning to make one for a friend who'll soon tie the knot, what are the things that you actually need?

Amazingly, I know exactly what you need! I am no professional event organizer, I just love organizing small events. Well, I got a few subjects in my college years where I took Hotel and Restaurant Management so I think that's a thing. I also have family and friends who I can ask for ideas and advice.

So first things first, what kind of shower are you planning to prepare? It has been traditionally all girls and known to be a cozy and fun theme. I don't know with you but, I prefer all ladies with legal age (just in case there are sensitive things or topics to be discussed). High tea, brunch, pajama parties are the most picked themes because they do not demand that much food and decorations. If you want to add costumes, you can do so, just make sure that you do not need to buy and it can just be found inside your own wardrobe.

Who are the invited guests? Obviously, the bride-to-be should be number one on the list. Then you can point out those whom she is comfortable with, like her close friends, her siblings, or those who can simply afford to split expenses with you. Remember, this is a budgeted party, so you need someone to be there when your pocket needs them the most. Haha. There is where you can also see who your friends really are. Just kidding. Of course, it depends on their capacity.

When are you going to have the shower? Somewhere before the wedding day or before the bride-to-be leaves for the wedding day. I find it best if the shower will not be too close to the date of the wedding. There are a lot of things the couple needs to finish and an unanticipated invite can be declined if things aren't in the schedule the first hand.

Lastly, where will the party be? You do not always need to rent an event place, especially when you are just a handful of people. Do you have friends that can be the host? Is there a place in your house where you can somehow fit some ladies in? Our goal is to be low-key but somehow elegant to see. Maybe adding decorations like an extra curtain, flowers or balloons.

When you got all the answers to the questions above, you can now draft your resources for the party.

For our simple shower for my friend Truce, we had a simple American brunch. The reason behind this theme was, she will be flying to the states after a few weeks. It's nice to give her a taste of what she'll be having there while she is still in The Philippines, with us! Brunch time calls at 10 in the morning with some fluffy pancakes, sugar-glazed donuts, baked eggs, hash brown, fresh fruits, coffee, tea and of course, mimosa. *grin* A lousy shirt and shorts as the costume, knowing that she is so keen on Korean fashion, and that's actually how I wake up each and every day before having breakfast, I skip the shorts by the way. Stash is common so why not give her a shirt that says "bride"? She will definitely stand out!

Make sure to prepare some fun games to break the ice like, Guess the Dress, Pictionary, and others. Ask the attendees to prepare some advice that they can give the bride-to-be. Finally, have fun!

Have you thrown a bridal shower before? What is your favorite theme?


  1. I love watching people's bridal shower.

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    It's nice to know you.

    1. Ohhh, thank you Ray. Sorry for following you back so late. And thank you for your comments.


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