Our Wedding Anniversary Celebration At Home (During Lockdown)

Every anniversary deserves a celebration. Last year, we stayed at home in the morning, played some video games together then in the evening, we visited a club house and had an unlimited buffet for dinner.

This year, there is no way that we can go out to a restaurant due to the pandemic. They only sell to-go food and most of them were snacks and fries. To make it memorable, we went out of town to visit the nearest Asian grocery store. There we ate Chinese take out and bought ingredients for some dish in mind. We also walked around the city center and bought some good scented bath bombs, a pair of shoes and some fresh strawberries and raspberries. The night before, I've actually made a cake already. It is a gluten-free and lactose-free strawberry vanilla drip cake.

For our main course, we had good fresh slabs of beef steak. It was my very first time making one and I am a bit worried that I might overcook it. G saw online that you just need to cook the sides first until brown then the front in back for about 8 minutes, while flipping it to prevent it from burning. The thing is, the meat we bought was already seasoned so I thought I do not need to add anything else. I was wrong.

I did added some more butter to the oil, some crushed garlic and fresh thyme leaves. But I did not reseasoned them before serving. I could have been more palatable to the taste if I just did that. It's okay, I learned my lesson. For next time. :)

Finally, it was time to eat. G finished setting up the table at the back of the house and he did it very well. What do you think? I love how romantic it looked, of course with matching background music from a group that plays saxophone.

It was so memorable. We had our own meal at home, but still as glamorous as the one in a restaurant. There were also sides that were available in the fridge, just threw everything in and viola!

There we stayed until its so late that the ambiance became even more romantic. Our light was the candles on the side giving it a nice redish color (refer to the cake photo on top).

And that's it, we finished the day with an amazing night and awesome homemade food.

Here are the videos of how we celebrated our wedding anniversary last year. Enjoy!


  1. omaigaddd soo romantic..may god bless both of you..you guys soo perfect together..psss btw i like all your dish especially cake!!

  2. That cake look soooo good!
    Happy Anniversary celebration to you and your husband. Here's to many more years !

  3. Happy anniversary! Your cake photo looks so yummy and the steak looks AMAZING!

  4. so romantic. so sweet. im soft reading this and all of the foods too!!


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