What To Do With Leftover Beef Steak?

On my previous post (Our Anniversary Celebration At Home), you saw that we have some good slabs of beef for our dinner. And yes, with all the side dishes, the cake, we weren't able to finish all the meat. But it would be a waste to throw them away since you can never reheat it as good as the first time you cooked it. The came the idea of making something out of it.

After our anniversary day, we planned of going out of town and celebrate outside as well. Then we need to pack some food so we do not need to find stores to buy stuffs.

Happily, we have some leftover cream cheese from the cake that we made, we also have wraps from the burrito that we ate the other night. It was perfect! Everything we need was there from the wrap to the filling.

I tried to cut the steak as thin as possible so it will be easier to have them in the wrap. Thankfully, my MIL owns a very sharp Japanese knife, made the job easier.

On the wrapper, spread a good amount of cream cheese, squeeze some garlic mayonnaise (you can use plain), place the beef strips, top it with some roasted red peppers and sprinkle with nice green salad (arugula, lettuce, cucumber, or whatever green vegetable you have).

Roll them tightly and cut them into pinwheels or to your desired size (if you don't want to cut it, it's okay too!). I remembered making it with tuna when one of our friends had their farewell party, it was actually G's idea. He loves pinwheels, easy to make, not messy and convenient to have.

So if you are going to make one tonight, or on the weekend, here are the ingredients to recap:
- tortilla
- leftover steak
- cream cheese
- mayonnaise
- roasted red pepper
- salad (your choice of greens)

A friend of mine made it with salmon slices and it is a nice lunch for a small trip to the zoo. I hope you can try to make one too!


  1. Smart idea!
    I should try this recipe as soon as possible!
    Thanks for sharing :)



  2. Oh. My. God.
    I am glad that I'm a pescatarian because those look so mouthwatering.


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