Mini Pancake Cereals: Another TikTok Trend

I was never a Tiktok-er. I have never had a chance to visit the platform. It is interesting they say. But hey, I got tons of social media apps on my phone already. I don't think I can manage if I still add one more. I also have this blog to run and post content regularly. So yeah, I skipped that one.

The app contents can be shared on other platforms too, so what my friends post in that media, it also appears in my Instagram and Facebook dashboard. How convenient is that! This time, these cute little pancakes appeared. And because they're so mini, and lovely, how could I resist?

So then, I gave it a go.

Before having a video conference, I made myself busy dropping a small dollop of pancake batter in the pan. Yes, it was time-consuming. So for the rest, I just made normal sized pancakes, I don't want to be late on my meeting!

After transferring everything into a bowl, I was surprised to see the beauty of small things. This is genuinely attractive.

To finish off, I added a good splash of soya milk (which I find very fitting, and yummy too) and some maple syrup into the bowl.

Urrggghh! It's really gorgeous.

You can find the recipe in this post:


  1. i hope i can have a taste of yours baking. looks so yummyy. 🌻❤️

  2. Wait, I didn't know this was a trend on tiktok (because like you, I don't have tiktok and not planning on joining it either). I only saw these type of mini pancakes on my IG feed when they bought it at a London flea market and eat it with Nutella or fruits. But I never thought of eating with milk like that. I can't wait to try it! Since I don't drink milk, I'll replace it with choc milk instead, I hope it won't ruin anything hahaha


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