My First Ever Purchase Online While Abroad: GreetzNL

I made it a habit that every time we are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I will give my husband a bouquet of flowers which means that not only girls receive flowers, men deserve to receive such too!

Last year, we celebrated our special day at home. There was actually no way for me to get out of the house and buy. SO I asked my sister if she can do it for me. Later the afternoon, she came at our door holding a box and a bottle of wine. The box contained twelve roses and the wine came from my loving parents. He was so touched that he had tears in his eyes.

This year, for our second anniversary, my sister is not there to help me carry out my plan. I am also shy to ask my in-laws. Two nights before the D-day, we were already lying in bed, ready to sleep. I remembered this card we received from my parent-in-laws so I looked it up online.

The website is in Dutch but that did not hinder me from browsing it. Since I am learning the language, it is actually pretty easy to manoeuvre. I came across a dozen of white roses and it is very affordable. My Paypal fund isn't much. There was also a discount code that I got somewhere and I used it when purchasing. It's all done in a couple of minutes. My husband beside me doesn't have any clue.

Because I was so anxious that the package will arrive late, I kept on messaging them to give me updates about my order. They were pretty responsive and I know that I am talking to real persons.

My husband received his white roses and we had it in the living room for nearly three weeks. The flowers stayed fresh for an ample days and I loved it.

I am so proud of myself cause I was able to live up on what I've started, giving flowers to my man every anniversary. Next year, I don't have any idea where we will be at. But I am pretty confident that I can do the same again.

This is not a sponsored post. It is an appreciation post to Greetz for living up on my expectations. We also ordered a card just recently for my brother-in-law's wedding anniversary.

So if ever you need to send flowers here in The Netherlands, I recommend them.

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