My Blogging Thing

I'm really addicted in blogging right now. I always wanna decorate and beautify my blogs and I don't even care if I'm earning or not.

I am so bored before for I didn't find blogging that interesting. Its just a site full of unnecessary things normal people will never look at, and have made myself believe that blogging is just a waste of time.

Yet for now, I have proven myself wrong. Even though I'm wasting time for this, I'm still earning both dollar and peso.

Blogs are now my online friend, my online diary which was everyone is free to look at.

I have joined a contest and I have won a dot com domain which can only be purchase in web hosting sites for $10, i guess. :P  See? I don't have to bring out my credit card (assuming) just to buy one. :)

So for now, I can say that I am a certified blog addict. Will I abandon my facebook, friendster, etc etc etc? XP

Here's my proof that people can earn money from blogs. :)

Edited: 11/25/10: I don't have FACEBOOK ANYMORE! TAHAHA!

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