Google? Or simply "Bunching"?

We have a lot of dogs today, for Booba (the black one) gave birth to her three cute puppies a month ago. The other two, still don't have a name because in the other day, they will have their own owner and family. It isn't worth waiting. They are born unexpected and I was surprised when the first puppy cried out loud and I was the first one to saw it. Yay! There's blood everywhere. >.<

Well, all of this, I and my sister do have a favorite, and he was everybody's favorite. haha! That doesn't look disturbing to other puppies. They're not humans. :P

Bunching, the last puppy, was named after my younger sister. It means "Bunsong Tabachoy". Haha! I didn't know where my sissy got that concept but that's pretty unique huh!

The best thing about him was he's so cute and he shows he loves you in his simple way, he loves to ran around our feet which tells us that he's happy and in mood. One time, when I'm washing the clothes at our house' laundry place, he sat beside me and watched me as I scrub and wash the clothes. I always tell him, "Very Good! Very Good!"

He didn't look the ordinary way other puppies look. He's more like a hamster...or a monkey! Haha! IDK! Here's some of his pictures.

My mom and dad want to call him Google. Haha! I love him either way! :D

[click the photo to enlarge]

There is not
One hair of you
That I would rearrange
I love you the way you are
And that will never change
That will never change...

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