Secondhand Serenade!

And my eyes are screaming
for the sight of you
And tonight I'm dreaming
of all the things that
we've been through
And I can't hold on to you.
So I guess I feel lonely, too.

Just some of my favorite lines composed by Mr. John Vesely aka Secondhand Serenade. I can still remember how he rocked , flipped and turned my whole world upside down (year 2008), when his last album was released to public. My former classmates were so emotional that time and I can still draw in my mind how they were influenced by him. My emo-poser classmates could not resist that indescribable feeling whensong "Your Call" and "Vulnerable" were played.

Actually, I have SS' songs on my MP3 (vintage type, poor XD) and made it my lullaby everynight. As you can hear, one of SS' song is posted in this blog.

My vintage Insignia MP3, a graduation gift from Tito Chris 5 years ago.

So, better buy one :)

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