Scratch Paper for My Blog

Aha! Heard it right! Before going to sleep, I am making myself busy writing about what to post on my blog on the next day. I first make scratches so I can correct some of my grammars or sentence constructions. It's really hard for me to write in English because I'm a Filipino. Yet for my blogs' sake, here I am, TRYING...

But that's not the major reason why I do need a scratch. I'm conscious about what to blog so that I'm trying to reach my mind's infinity (if there is), I'm trying to dig my understanding about things and I'm trying to boost some of my brain cells. Haha!

Every minute of my stay in our house made me think of random stuffs that I can post in my blog. But every time I grab my pen and paper, it's just like a bubble that popped out in the air. Where are they now? I don't know!
The ideas are gone. >.<

Confirmed! After reading some infos from the net, it's 99.9% sure, I have a short term memory loss. Haha!

My notebook with scratches. ^_^

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