Bicol Tour

I am very thankful that I was given an opportunity to visit Bicol. Our family friend Tito Rodiger and Tita Ethel Richter offered me to join their tour. That was Dec. 27, 2010. We depart by 10am I guess. I had packed my things 2hours before the departure. I forgot to bring my jacket, but good thing I brought the yellow one, thinner and shorter. Before we go, we had our super late breakfast at Starbucks. [Inside the car.]

I have here cinnamon roll and Caramel cream.

Then we started the trip. I enjoyed the ride all the way to Legazpi. At 2pm, we had our super late lunch at Maxs Restaurant Lucena.  I had a piece of chicken and theirs was sizzling tofu, and some vegetarian stuffs. In our way, we encountered 6 buses and a truck stucked with minor problems. We saw 3 other vehicles, ruined and abandoned. Perhaps its because of sharp curves along the way.

We never gone in a wrong way. They have a map and they checked it for several times. They always talk in German and all I got to do is to keep quiet.

By 8pm, we looked for a hotel or a pension house where we can spend our night. We found Villa Esperanza. The light was so pale, the bathroom was so dirty. Everything was so disgusting. We have no choice but to stay there to spend the night.

Somewhere in Bicol.

Early in the morning, I have taken a bath already and prepared for the departure. We had our breakfast by 7:30pm. Then we go again. We arrived in Albay by 12:30 in in the afternoon. We arrived at Cagsaua (which I misread as Casagua) by 1:30 and roamed there for 1 and a half hour.

Mayon Volcano, also known as Mount Mayon, is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay, in the Bicol Region, on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. (Source)

In 1814, Mt. Mayon, in the province of Albay, the Philippines, erupted and devastated the surrounding communities. This is what remained of the Cagsawa church, whose bellfry has remained standing as a mute testimony of the enormous disaster caused by flowing lava. Some 1,200 people sought sanctuary in the church, thinking that they would be saved from the fury of Mayon volcano. (Source)
The Ruins of Cagsaua

See that church?

Now, where's the church?

Tito Rudiger is pointing on an empty space. Whew! I mean, it's a seminary before, where apprentices study to become nuns and priests.

Me and Tita Ethel. (Btw, you'll notice I always wear that shirt. FYI, I have three of those. :D Kidding!)

After having fun with Cagsaua, we shopped till we drop.

We took our lunch at 3pm. And we went back to Naga by 6pm. We had our diner inside the car by 8:30pm. We arrived at my friends house by 9pm and spend the night there. My sister called and my mom did too, asking how was my day. Tomorrow (Dec. 29, 2010), we will attend a wedding and I did not know if I could understand them (they're Bicolanos ), I hope so. "Tomorrow will be another tiring day for me. Aja!"

Wednesday morning, we attended the wedding and after 5hours we went to SM Naga. The sight from SM's 4th floor.

My last dinner in Bicol was a plate of Pancit Canton (Chowking SM Naga).

Phew! That's what heppened! Hehe. You, how's your vacation btw?

PS. Sorry for those who has slow internet connection. My page was loaded with photos.

(c) All images are mine. Heard Me Right is my old blog.


  1. I love the pics sis :)) Lalo na un Mt. Mayon so pretty and the quirky pics with ur tito and tita is so cute :))

  2. lovely photos, reminded me of our trip in Bicol;)

  3. @ Tuwentytri , thanks! they were so makulit talaga ehh. lalo na yung tita ko. masarap kasama :D

    @mayet, tnx!

  4. Bicol.. everytime my mom talks about this place, I feel like I wanna go here.. I've never been to Bicol before. Your photos look very nice =)

  5. really? well, this isn't the right time to wen there. It's raining nonstop. :( we're so thankful we got home safe.

  6. wow .. i love the photos! :D it makes me wanna go to Bicol too. :)

  7. Replied to your comment. Thank you very much for the mice words. You made me realized a lot of things seriously. Why, did you stop your studies for any reason?

  8. @nice, not now nice, may bagyo dun. kawawa nga mga tao dun eh. marami rami ng rin ang nangamatay :(

  9. I also have a samsung phone since I had no choice because my motorola was stolen and my nokia got broken:] where are you from in Philippines?

  10. @sherry, my nokia was abandoned. and we didn't trust any brands :P im from batangas City. :D you?


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