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Hola! Sorry guys for not updatin gthis blog. I've been busy with my domains and I don't have any stuffs to share in here (before).

By the way, I'm glad to tell you that I started my job officially, and it was yesterday.  I didn't know if it'll last or not. But, if you'll ask me, I'd say YES! Cause I really enjoyed what I did yesterday. Actually, I just sub my friend cause she's not around to take in charge that day. So, I can say, "It's my turn!". I've been a TOUR GIUDE for one whole day. I really enjoyed the trip for it's not that tiring. I want more! Haha!

We depart by 6am and arrived at the first destination by 8:00 am. Ricky, Me and Boss Bobby in Liip Laguna waiting for the Facilitator of Go Nuts Donuts. (9:00am)

Our second destination was Davao Crocodile Park in Boom na Boom Pasay located near MOA (SM Mall of Asia, third largest mall in the world) and Star City (a theme and adventure park).

It's a small zoo with a lot of crocodiles, different kinds of shark and fishes, birds, monkeys, snakes, goats, and others. Most of the animals there done cute tricks and stuffs such as catching there foods which are thrown in the air, dancing, talking, etc.

I have here a list of iterinary of the tour. See that white paper I'm holding?

A female ostrich staring at me.  

He's a one year old urangutan named ORANGE.

Pygmy goats, such as this buck, are commonly kept as pets and by small farms.

Bus No. 3: Where I was assigned. They're nice! They're from Sovereign Shepherd School of Values and Learnings (Soro - Soro Ibaba Batangas City)

We visited MOA too and enjoyed inside the SM Science Discovery Center and Planetarium. I have sent photos of me in my mail using Time Capsule console and I'm still waiting for it. I'm so excited to receive my 2 wacky shots.

Sorry guys, I don't have a lot of photos, I need to accompany the students.

Got home by 1 this morning. I'm still sleepy though. But I really need to update.


    and gosh tour guide is such a cool job =A=
    beside you can go to a lot of new places, you can have a lot of new friends too. why don't you get nervous meeting new ppl hun? :>
    i get nervous whenever im together with new ppl, i mean total awkwardness =A=

  2. Hohoho the crocodile look so real at first sight!

  3. @hun, actually not hun. :D I love meeting new people from different places, time to time. I need to socialize too :D and i always wanna work in "front of the house". it means, you're able to mingle with your customers. :D

    @Wt, haha, yeah! it looks so! but it's too big, that made it looks fake.

  4. These look like lots of fun!! I love the zoo.. but I don't really go near the animals and touch them.. medyo nerbyosa din kasi pag dating sa animals.. haha
    Being a tour guide seems great too.. I'm impressed palagi sa mga tour guide na alam pati pangalan ng bawat kanto at history ng name.. so impressive =))

  5. wow sis ur a tour guide? that's so awesome! you get to go places. i envy you :))

  6. @ Ate Aivs, I love touching animals, I got a photo with yellow python swirled around my neck, pero hindi ko po pinost. hehe. Kakastart ko pa lang po kaya hindi pa ako masyadong magaling magguide, buti na lang mas bata saken yung gina-guied ko :D

    @ Tuwentytri, actually sis, it's just a part time. pero i did enjoyed the tour! :D i had so much fun!

  7. @hun : oh i see :D just read your reply wtf im so late =A=

    btw out of the topic hun, that censored pass thing is from this link http://www.vincentcheung.ca/jsencryption/

    the "key" written is for the password, "plain text" is for your message. after writing on the plain text click the encrypt button. then copy the HTML code below and paste it in your post :3

    the "cipher text" is for when you wanna change the codes into plain text again. more help ask me :3


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