Yeah! I'm giving special gifts to special people here on blogger. They mean a lot to me, cause they really care about what I post and what I rave about.

This was my first doodle ever! And I'm awarding this to: *drum rolls*

*throw confetti*

(click the images to visit their life blogs)

Visit their blogs, they're AWESOME!

PS. Thank you so much for making me feel I exist! Haha! (Drama!) Thanks for being an inspiration to me, for that, I can't abandon my blog.

For my other affies out there, don't you worry, as long as I retrieve my links, I'll make another doodle for you.


  1. oowwwhh, you're such a real cutie :3 thankyou sooo much! i love it to the core <3 thankyou :)

  2. Aww... how sweet naman. :) I'll save the link and include this on my next post! ^^ Thanks sis! ;)

  3. @anne, whew! sorry if my drawing sucks, i really need to improve :( Yet, thanks too for the appreciation :D


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