Gimme a Caption Contest

A quick post.

Hi guys, I'm calling your attention again. I just want you to give me a favor for the second time. I actually need some votes. I really wanna win this cute sushi pillows from KawaiiJunkie.
All you need to do is visit her page and vote for my entry, my name was LMYX. The poll can be seen bellow her posts. Please help guys. Thanks a lot :D

And oh, I have joined a contest @ Wan Ting's blog. It's about giving a caption to this cute little cat.

Optional stuffs

Place the banner anywhere visible on your site. (5 points)
Post about this contest. (10 points)
Follow her on her blog. (5 points)
The last one was to make the additional points add up to 20.

What you might win!

First prize
A banner for you to keep. Like of course lah.
An advertising spot on my blog for 3 months.
3 guest posts. Means, you write 3 posts and they'll be posted on my blog. Some thing like that lah.

Second prize
A banner for you to keep too.
An advertising spot on my blog for 2 months.
2 guest posts.

Third prize
A banner for you too.
An advertising spot on my blog from a month
A guest post.

Everyone else
Participation banner (:

I ♥ joining random contest like this, cause I love talking to people and socializing with them. Akie? :D


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