I love SHOES!

Yeah, I got my money from working so hard with our laundry. Haha! Just kidding. Xp

I'm just a thrifty person. That's why I got this LOVELY SHOES. :D  It costs Php 1,200 (or about 27.6312 U.S. dollars per pair) Got them both from Parisian (@ SM Department Store).

I am so excited to wear this :D

I got another check on my wishlist. :D

Oh, btw, I was invited in a graduation ball. :D My exclassmates told me they're going to have an event, just like a college prom. All were dressed in their best. Some are in Cinderella's, Snowwhite's and more. My classmate's were the organizer, so they just dressed in uniform. I just feel sorry for the flaws I have made. :( I'm not really good in public speaking. Oh, I'm the ugly girl in the middle. See?

Whew! Some told me that the black gown fitted me well. XP More photos soon, I was just so lazy to update. XP

Here's my exclassmate Jhon Rey, he's my co-MC/co-host in the graduation ball. :D Men, I miss our bonding moments!

I got this last week, I guess, I'm just lazy to blog nowadays. :(



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