I Wish I have Talents

Hello! Is everyone ok? I wanna tell you guys that I have updated our graphic site. :D Visit it and look at my batches. :D

And oh! I guess I won in this SOTM in coloursplash.org. Thanks guys for the votes. I really eppreciated it.

Oh well, I have alot of doodles in Photoshop but I'm not that sure if it's worth sharing. Hehe! But I draw on pads too. :D I wanna share them and show you some. :D

Sorry guys for the low quality. I don't know what's wrong with blogger. It's kinda sucks. :(

This is me, and my Domo. :D Sweet huh! XD

And oh! I have made this just for my HUN :D she's a monster too. XP and her name's Susan. Hahaha! Just kidding!

And this is me, holding my small sketchpad. In front of the computer. XP By the way, I have here a letter for her. You'll never find it if you didn't read this post. XP Take your time. Ahhhm, my handwriting's awful so, I hope she'll understand. :D


  1. omg best post evaaarrrr xD
    i love how you hide the letter VERY WELL!!
    and i also love all your drawings especiallu all those love with facebook and other logos in it ~
    keep drawing and posting pics hun!! <3


  2. Those doodles are really nice!! So cute!! <3

  3. aww. cute cute drawing sis :) high five XDD

  4. KAWAII! Nice drawing.
    When did you start liking Domo?

  5. Cute drawings! I wish I could doodle cute stuffs too. :(

  6. ohhh..you have talents..make doodle for batman.please=)


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