I'm Officially Back!

I really miss you guys, Susan, Julie, and my other affies. I hope you're all ok, just like me. So, what I got here was this. Last time, I bought a magic mug. See this photo below? That black heart will turn to white if I pour hot water on it. So, I can enjoy my cup of coffee. As simple as that. Hahaha!

(Click the images for larger size)

So, here's the reasult!

I can't feel summer yet. I haven't gone to beaches or pools. :( But I have changed my nail polish from pale to red. Whew! Do my nails look stunning in red? Haha!

And another thing, I just wanna show you this! Uh-la-la! ^_^


  1. i miss you too! D;
    and dang i love your nails and your check .___.
    you got another money from google D;<
    makes me damn jealous ;____;

  2. wow google is awesome :)) will try it nga..

  3. @hun, oh, don't envy me, it's not mine. :((

    it belongs to my brother. huhuhuhuh

    @joemaerie, better try it. kaso, di ko pa nakukuha yung sahod ko. haahaha


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